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ERP Docs With AWS

The ERP Docs with AWS enables you to use Amazon Textract to analyze invoices and receipts to extract relevant data.

Inbound Variables

  • Directory Path

  • File Name

  • Password

  • Read text from page

  • Read text to page

  • AWS Credentials

    Or, if Use custom settings is activated in the wizard:

    • Client Id

    • Client Secret

    • Session Token

    • Use Session Token

    • Region Endpoint

  • Json Path

Outbound Variables

  • Raw Text

    The extracted raw text of the document.

  • Normalized Json

    The parsed result based on the normalized result and defined Json path.

  • Raw Json

    The complete AWS response.



  • Authentication Settings

    The AWS credentials to use for authentication

    • Pin credentials

      Use this option to reference an existing Credentials for AWS configuration.

    • Use custom settings

      Use this option to specify an AWS Cliend ID, Client Secret, and Region Endpoint for this action step.

    • Session Token

      The session token to use for authentication when Use session token to authenticate is selected.

  • Response settings

    • JsonPath Expression

      The Json path to the property of the response object.

  • File Settings

    • Directory path

      The path to the directory where the file is located.

    • File name

      The name of the file to analyze. Supported file types: PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

  • PDF Settings

    These settings show when the selected file is a PDF.

    • PDF file is password protected

      Specifies if the selected PDF file is password protected. When selected, specify the password to open the file in the Password to open PDF file filed.

    • Read entire file

      Instructs the OCR service to read the entire file.

    • Read page range

      Instructs the OCR service to read the selected range of pages.

      • From page

        Specify from which page the OCR service starts reading the file.

      • To page

        Specifies until which page the OCR service reads the file.

      • Read to end of file

        Instructs the OCR service to continue reading until the end of the file.