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Open Beta Release: The cloud IDE is in open beta. Any use of Anypoint Code Builder in its beta state is subject to the applicable beta services terms and conditions, available from the IDE.

  • Develop the American Flights App:

    Use Anypoint Code Builder to design and implement an API specification example called American Flights API that returns flight information from a MySQL database.

  • Iteratively Design and Implement an API Specification:

    Scaffold an API specification into an interface to implement within your IDE, and sync changes to the specification with the interface without first publishing to Anypoint Exchange. For example, after adding a new endpoint to your API specification, you can re-scaffold the change into the interface to add a flow for that endpoint to the interface’s configuration XML file.

  • Implement a GraphQL API:

    Implement a GraphQL API that you publish to Exchange.

  • Integrate Salesforce Data into Slack and Email Notifications:

    Create an integration that notifies you through email or Slack when a new case is created in Salesforce.