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Component and Command Reference

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Open Beta Release: The cloud IDE is in open beta. Any use of Anypoint Code Builder in its beta state is subject to the applicable beta services terms and conditions, available from the IDE.

In Anypoint Code Builder, use components to build your integrations and implementations:

Built-In Connectors

Anypoint connectors and modules are extensions to Mule runtime engine that process event data within a Mule application. Connectors, unlike modules, also provide ways to connect to external systems or services. In Anypoint Code Builder, both integrations and implementations are Mule applications.

Built-in Anypoint connectors are available from the canvas UI and configuration XML for integration and implementation projects. These connectors include:

Connector XML tags start with a namespace followed by an operation, following the syntax namespace:operation, such as <db:select/> for a Select operation in Anypoint Connector for Database (Database Connector).

Many other connectors are available from your Anypoint Code Builder IDE through Anypoint Exchange:

To find information about more connectors, see Anypoint Connectors Overview, and find documentation on all Anypoint connectors and modules.