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Add and Subtract Time

This DataWeave example shows multiple addition and subtraction operations that deal with date and time types. Before you begin, note that 2.x versions of DataWeave are used by Mule 4 apps. For DataWeave in Mule 3 apps, refer to DataWeave version 1.2 examples. For other DataWeave versions, you can use the version selector in the DataWeave table of contents.

The examples use:

  • as function to coerce a String to Period type

  • P<date>T<time> for the Period data type, which provides designators for years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
    For example, |P2Y9M1D| refers to a period of two years, nine months, and one day, and |PT5H4M3S| indicates a time period of five hours, four minutes, and three seconds.

DataWeave Script:
%dw 2.0
output application/json
var numberOfDays = 3
  oneDayBefore: |2019-10-01T23:57:59Z| - |P1D|,
  threeDaysBefore: |2019-10-01T23:57:59Z| - ("P$(numberOfDays)D" as Period),
  a: |2019-10-01| - |P1Y|,
  b: |P1Y| - |2019-10-01|,
  c: |2019-10-01T23:57:59Z| - |P1Y|,
  d: |2019-10-01T23:57:59Z| + |P1Y|,
  e: |2019-10-01T23:57:59| - |P1Y|,
  f: |PT9M| - |23:59:56|,
  g: |23:59:56| + |PT9M|,
  h: |23:59:56-03:00| - |PT9M|,
  u: |23:59:56-03:00| - |22:59:56-03:00|,
  j: |23:59:56-03:00| - |22:59:56-00:00|,
  k: |2019-10-01T23:57:59| - |P2Y9M1D| - |PT57M59S| + |PT2H|,
  l: |23:59:56| - |22:59:56|,
  o: |2019-10-01| - |2018-09-23|,
  p: |2019-10-01T23:57:59Z| - |2018-10-01T23:57:59Z|,
  q: |2019-10-01T23:57:59| - |2018-10-01T23:57:59|
Output JSON:
  "oneDayBefore": "2019-09-30T23:57:59Z",
  "threeDaysBefore": "2019-09-28T23:57:59Z",
  "a": "2018-10-01",
  "b": "2018-10-01",
  "c": "2018-10-01T23:57:59Z",
  "d": "2020-10-01T23:57:59Z",
  "e": "2018-10-01T23:57:59",
  "f": "23:50:56",
  "g": "00:08:56",
  "h": "23:50:56-03:00",
  "u": "PT1H",
  "j": "PT4H",
  "k": "2017-01-01T01:00:00",
  "l": "PT1H",
  "o": "PT8952H",
  "p": "PT8760H",
  "q": "PT8760H"

Note that the behavior of o: |2019-10-01| - |2018-09-23| changed in Mule 4.3.0. DataWeave 2.3.0, which is supported by Mule 4.3.0, returns "o": "PT8952H". DataWeave 2.2.0, which is supported by Mule 4.2.0, returns "o": "P1Y8D". To restore the 2.2.0 behavior, you can set the -M-Dcom.mulesoft.dw.date_minus_back_compatibility=true. However, the setting does not affect the Preview window in Studio. For guidance with this setting in Studio and on-prem deployments, see System Properties. For CloudHub deployments, see Manage Properties for Applications on CloudHub.